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What is an Integrative Medicine Practitioner?

Integrative medicine is a personalized approach which combines conventional and complementary medical care such as massage therapy, therapeutic music, holistic nursing consultations, guided imagery, and spiritual care.

A certified integrative medice practitioner has both certification with internship hours in their own specialty (for instance healing harp music) and a certification that they have had so many classroom hours and internship hours working in a team with other specialists. Harp can be used alone as a therapeutic presence or can be used with other modalities such as guided imagery, massage, prayer, or meditation.

Integrative medicine practitioners will work with case workers, RNs, chaplains, hospital administrators and MDs to provide music for specific patients. They are also trained in working with staff in ICU and CCU to provide comfort to patients and staff experiencing anxiety and stress in a particular unit.

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach in which the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of the patient are supported to facilitate the body's innate healing response.

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