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Lady Emerald

Invite Jacqueline Lynaugh as Lady Emerald to your private event for background music and to be entertained with a harp story. Her small harps and costume look and sound magical no matter how large or small the space. Her harps are termed "small harps" or “early Irish harps.” Jacqueline has two 19-string lap/strolling sized harps made in Scotland by Ardival. They are replicas of harps depicted in ancient tilework on the fireplace of Kilcoy Castle in Scotland.  The darker wooded harp, made by Joel Herrou in Brittany, France, is an historical replica of one owned by Mary Queen of Scots in the 1400's. It is strung with 30 strings and is played with the nails resulting is a sound compared to the beautiful ringing of church bells. The other, approximately the same size, is a willow and cherry harp made by David Kortier in Deluth, MN. These ancient style harps have no sharps or flats and so play folk tunes like "Greensleeves" and "Simple Gifts" or "Scarborough Fair" as well as old ballads, modal music, chants, and Celtic tunes. The same type of instrument is depicted on the Irish flag or the Guinness bottle. Stories with music in them are also performed with this harp. Just let Jacqueline know your program needs.

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