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Wire-strung Harp & Guitar

Jacqueline Lynaugh is an experienced teacher for both guitar and the wire-strung harp.  Please note Jacqueline specializes in teaching the wire-strung harp which is often (although not always) played with nails. The strings on these harps are brass or phosphor-bronze. If you would like to study harp, but wire harp is not your preference, then a nylon or pedal harp teacher can be recommended.


For those who have always wanted to learn harp but do not have one, Jacqueline has several wire-strung instruments she keeps on hand as rental harps. In this way students can see if a wire harp is something they wish to own and if so, what size and kind of harp would best suit them.

For more information on studying with Jacqueline, contact her using the form below.

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