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Musical Study with Jacqueline Lynaugh

Jacqueline Lynaugh began her music studies on multiple instruments at an early age and has had the benefit of training with instructors who taught at Julliard,  & Manhattan Schools of music in New York City as well as studying with early Irish harp historians and virtuosos: Ann Heymann of "Clearseach" and Siobhan Armstrong founder of the Historical Harp Society of Ireland. Jacqueline plays ancient and early music as well as folk based music and has been performing and teaching privately for many years.


Jacqueline teaches guitar, beginning harp, and specializes in teaching the wire strung or early Irish Harp, which is most often played with fingernails as opposed to fingertips. The metal strings are sounded with the nail rather than the tone coming from a strong pull of the fingers. This takes less muscle strength from the fingers, so people with arthritis and finger problems can more easily play this instrument than a pedal or large nylon strung instrument. Please visit the cd samples page to hear the tone of the wire strung harp.


Jacqueline also teaches beginning music classes using small metal strung zithers sometimes referred to as lap harps. These instruments have music that fits beneath the strings and students follow a line from the first note to the second and on through the piece. The pieces taught are well known and familiar so students just beginning will know how long to hold the notes until eventually the bits of music theory taught from week to week teach them the beginnings of tempo and how long to hold each note. Jacqueline has led these lap harp ensemble classes at community centers, private senior communities, and assisted living communities. Since the pandemic there have been no classes at community centers. Inquire if interested and I will let you know when sessions begin.

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